Integrating Memory and Reasoning in Analogy-Making: The AMBR Model

Book cover Kokinov, B. & Petrov, A. A. (2001)
Integrating memory and reasoning in analogy-making: The AMBR model. In D. Gentner, K. Holyoak, & B. Kokinov (Eds.), The analogical mind: Perspectives from cognitive science (pp. 59-124). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
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The authors take an integrative approach that tries to bring analogy and memory together. Their chapter addresses phenomena emphasized by constructivist approaches to memory, such as memory distortions and memory illusions, and show how these phenomena interact with analogy-making. They provide evidence for omissions, blending of episodes, intrusions from generic knowledge, and effects of context, priming, and order in analogical reminding. The authors explain these phenomena in terms of interactions among memory, mapping and perception. The chapter presents the latest development of their AMBR model, which simulates these phenomena by the parallel work and interplay of many subprocesses. This model uses dynamic emergent representations and computations performed by a society of hybrid micro-agents. AMBR is built on a general cognitive architecture, which makes it possible to integrate analogy with other cognitive processes and to provide a basis for unified explanations of phenomena such as context-sensitivity that cut across virtually all cognitive processes.

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