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Dr. Alexander A. Petrov
Associate Professor
Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling and Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
Department of Psychology
Ohio State University

200B Lazenby Hall
1827 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Email: apetrov [at] alexpetrov [you know what]

To Prospective Graduate Students

Dear Colleague,

We live in such exciting times! The most interesting thing in the Universe -- the human brain -- is beginning to reveal its secrets. We know a great deal about the brain and a great deal about behavior. The time has come to forge a unified understanding about how the former gives rise to the latter. Cognitive science today is at a threshold analogous to where biology was shortly after the discovery of the DNA 50 years ago. The next 50 years will witness similar breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience. I was introduced to this field many years ago (Thank you, Boicho!) and never looked back. Who knows, you might find it just as exciting. There is plenty of unsolved problems for all of us.

If you want to take part in this adventure and you are prepared to work hard to get to the cutting edge, then you will thrive in our lab. Welcome!!

The CogMod Lab is looking to accept a new graduate student for the incoming class of 2018. Visit our lab website for detailed information on how to apply.

Current Courses

I enjoy teaching and I consider the opportunity to interact with young, bright, and open-minded people among the major attractions of my academic career. I have come to realize, after some trial and error, that learning and not teaching is the critical activity in the classroom. What is important is what students do; what professors do only matters to the extent it influences students' behaviors and learning practices. Accordingly, I consciously try to promote active discussion in the classroom in addition to lecturing. I also try to motivate the students to invest the hours necessary to master the material after class by providing plenty of home assignments, midterm exams, and regular feedback.

During the Fall semester of 2017, I teach the following course:

During the Spring semester of 2018, I am scheduled to teach two sections of the following course:

Past Courses

At one time or another, I have taught the following courses (in no particular order): Check the validity of this page's XHTML Check the validity of this site's Cascading Style Sheet Page maintained by Alex Petrov
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